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Fan-fuckin-tastic! I love retrowave stuff and this slots in nicely to the whole "80s but not 80s" sound. Absolutely love the solo synth at the end. A+ work. I am curious as to what plugins you used for this track?

Intracate responds:

Thank you for the response, Gorgorothx :) I use FL Studio as the DAW of choice with Massive, Vanguard for all of my synths and effects, along with various drum samples to build my tracks; simple EQing and mixing tools. Maximus and Tls Maximizer are the two main plugins I use for mastering.


This is killer diller fo riller and it ain't no filler. Ya fill me?

McTittystompsMAGEEE responds:

lolz thanx alex your fruggun shmexy rexy!!!


He shits in my woods, and then I yell "trespasser!" and fill his mouth with buckshot. Awesome song, old skool minimal vibe with a great beat. Very enjoyable sir, now I will go make a popsicle in your image, and proceed to gobble it up with great ferocity.

McTittystompsMAGEEE responds:

lmao yea there he go n***a be POOPIN' an shit.


Not bad for a loop, dude. The drums are a little basic, but I like the use of delay. Great job for starting out!

ScelesticFish responds:

Yeah basic is easy so basic is what I plan to do for now. The delay was an accident, but don't tell anyone, Haha.
I find loops more fun to do :D
Thanks for the review!


My ears tell me what I like, and I like what I hear. Wait, what? Anyways props for having 1. an original sound 2. awesome vox and 3. Good production values. Hooray for inspiration on Newgrounds ;)

Kingbastard responds:


Wow dude.

Bad fucking ass. This totally reminded me of mid-90's era Meshuggah ;) Well executed, man... Gotta love those polyrhythms.

Dimoria responds:

Then why did you vote 9 ?


Puppies... I was thinking BABIES, but anyways ;) I love the stereo shit you've got going on here, and the sound of course is A+. When I finally get an interface I'm gonna be coming to you with questions, so be prepared! mwahaha. Awesome work, Bad-Man

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Sure man. Got any more drum tracks comin?

Very nice, dude

Just got done playing Bad Taste of Pico and I thoroughly enjoyed the music. This fit the game very well, and could easily be used in other games. Good job and keep up the good work!

hopeku responds:

Thanks buddy! I will

Nice job, Rig

I'd actually really like to hear this turned into a full song. Has an awesome feel to it. The main reason I'm actually reviewing this is to tell these douchebags below me to shut the fuck up (azalea, DJ-Delinquent). You are not helping anything by griping about the genre. I hate people like them. Keep up the great work, Rig... your work is solid, as always.

Freakin Awesome...

What a cool mixture of awesome sounds. You really are someone to look up to in the AP. The lead synth fits quite nicely in the mix. This song actually reminded me of a sweet couple of videos called Animusic. Check em out if you havent before. Keep up the awesome work Mihai, it is truly inspiring.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx man, thanx.
Look out later on forum for the samples ;)

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