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Dude sweet

what a badass little character! I loved the style and colors. Had a very cinematic feel. Keep up the good work I will check out your future projects for sure!

claude-kolodzinski responds:

thank you for your comment, at the moment im working on another project "Demon Portal teaser trailer" which is basically a music video with Linkin Park - Crawling as music. when i finsh it and submit it, i hope you`ll check it out

Nut bag, Nut bag a ball

hey it was decent enough, i like the little halo sprites kinda cool... but you need some help with your grammar and spelling! not to be a high school teacher kinda dickhead, but yeah


Dude, I loved the comic style banner that is great style. As for story i think you should spice it up a little make it more interesting. For first flash though It was excellent. Keep up the good work!

svm responds:

It will get more interesting.The story will be way different then sonic the swordsman.Thats what some people need to understand.This is not a copy of sonic the swordsman.This is a completely different flash.The only thing that this flash and sonic the swordsman have in commin is that metal sonic is coming back for revenge.Thx for your review though.

Good stuff

I say pretty damn good for a first flash. Looks like you definately put some time into it. One gripe was that when that big column was falling how come the pieces that got cut off went up real fast? haha i donno if you really think gravity does that or you just did it for wacky flair but yeah haha Good job though A-

Not bad I guess

It wasnt too bad even though the stick fighting thing is overdone. I like the camera shake/blur effect it gives it a more intense feel, but it was almost too much sometimes where you couldnt tell what was going on. Good shit though i was entertained for like 20 seconds


Emo kids die! lol loved the animation, humor, and the suicide girls pic haha

Loved the style and Dimmu Borgir a +

Loved the music Dimmu Borgir is one of the greatest bands!


I say A+ for Deftones song as intro, nice butt shot, entrail splattering, Porsche 911 with gun strapped to the hood! haha, Great style loved it! Keep up the good work!

Not bad

haha worms is the shiznit... Not all of that stuff is real is it? call me ignorant...

Sonucais responds:


In St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Seven wifes with seven hats, seven hats with seven flats, seven flats with seven knives, seven knives with seven lies. Lies, knives, flats, hats, wives, Ives - who would win in a fight, a dead baby or Robot Shaq?

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