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Shred-A-Long Series!

Posted by Gorgorothx - March 29th, 2009

I'm producing a series of audio tracks for the NG audio portal right now. It is called the "Shred-A-Long" series. Since I don't currently have the funds to buy an interface for recording guitar, I figured I'd make something a little different for the NG community using my deep collection of drum samples.

This series is basically a virtual metal drummer, for you fellow metalheads to pick up your guitar or bass and jam with. It will never be late for practice, or get piss-drunk and claim it can still keep tempo (I still love you, drummers... nothing will ever totally replace you). You can use it as a tool for practicing your chops, or to generate new riffs for your expanding arsenal. If you like my drum patterns, and would like something custom-made for your metal (or whatever genre) song... then send me a PM and we'll work something out via email attachments or AIM. Also feel free to make your own song out of the session itself, if you would like. (If you post it somewhere just give me, Scag Baron, credit for the drum track)

Each "session" as I am calling them, will have a chart in the song description laying out the structure of the track for easy reference while playing. As a bassist in an experimental/technical metal band for over 5 years, I like my metal raw and crazy... so don't expect any simple Disturbed-esque beats from this series. Also, the sessions will range from different sub-genres like doom, death, grind, and "core".

Shred-A-Long Series:
Session 1
Session 2

Songs/Loops made by others using Shred-A-Long tracks:
Shred-a-long session jam by: Black-Cloak-of-Night
Shred-a-long 2... TN style! by: TwilightNecrosis
S.A.L. Session 2 Bad Man Inc by Bad-Man-Incorporated
Where Is Your God? by: BuryYourFace

Shred-A-Long Series!

Comments (7)

Cool shit man. Looking forward to it.

Awesome. Almost done with Session 2!

bad ass!

Awesome idea, awesome tracks.
Next week I'll try to put this into the "Guitar Challenge".
Sorry for being late, I', quite busy now.
Please PM me, I might have some more ideas.

=D cool!

you can bet I'm gonna give this shit a shot.


a poorly executed shot, but a shot nonetheless!

haha hey! Anything is better than nothing. And I'm sure you'll tear it up! ;)

you awesome

lol Thanks *bows*

Cool idea!
Keep it up!