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.:.[Movie Theme Remake Contest].:.

Posted by Gorgorothx - March 3rd, 2009

*Recent* Sorry everyone, this contest has been canceled for various reasons. If you'd like more information about it, send me a PM. *Recent*

Thread can be found here: Movie Theme Remake Contest

The judges (still need one more!):
Bad-Man-Incorporated , Mushroomhead18nc , HalcyonicFalconX , Carf

Let's see what you've got, NG musicians! The rules of this contest are as follows:
Your submission must be a remake of any movie theme song. It can be any length, and any genre. You may enter only one audio submission into this contest. Copy and paste the audio portal URL of your entry into a new post in this thread, saying that it is your entry. Also, you may use a song that you submitted before the start of this competition. All entries must be submitted by: 11:59pm EST on Sunday March 31st, 2009. The 5 judges will each pick their most favorite entry, and then I will pick 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners! (I still need one more judge, PM me)
The content of your song does not have to be entirely faithful to the original piece, though it must be recognizable as that theme. Creativity will be the key to winning this competition. In other words, if your entry sounds almost exactly like the original song, you will not be as likely to stand up to the more original and innovative entries. Let's see some ingenious adaptations!
Judges: I need 5 judges. You must be active NG audio submitters, or active reviewers. If you are neither of these, then tell me why you think you should be a judge and I might consider you. PM me if you are interested in judging this competition!
I plan on doing really distinct and creative audio competitions about once ever 2 months, so If you would like to be a consistent judge in my comps, let me know.
To promote this competition, and the innovative entries within it... I am going to have a First Place Prize!
I will award first place with $20 of NG Store credit. If you win, you tell me what you want (whether it be a t-shirt, an assload of stickers, a figurine) and I will purchase it and have it shipped directly to you.
I will handle all of the ordering and the shipping costs.

Remember, creativity is the winning factor here ;) And again, good luck to all!
Here are the entries, so far:
Back-From-Purgatory - 28 Days Later Theme (Cover)
Sorrow-316 - Schindler's List (sad Theme)
Kaizerwolf - Lord Of The Rings
MH16 - James Bond (ish)

.:.[Movie Theme Remake Contest].:.

Comments (2)

man this sounds awesome. if i had more time i would totally do this.

yeah it's gonna be sweet ;)

All the entries are great, if a bit too few in number. I definatly love MH16's Jamesbond theme. I'll bet he's gonna win. :D

Yeah hopefully it will gain a little more popularity in the next 2 weeks. I guess we'll have to wait and see. His submission is totally bad ass. I love it.